This subsidy consists of an item for rent/lending, instead of a financial compensation.
You may have to pay a fee for usage.

The ESSF Transport Vans can be borrowed for transportation to competitions/training sessions/events. The secretary can book the van online via DMS. The ESSF is responsible for the allocation, using the ESSF Van Policy, found in the attachments of this page.

The costs for use are 12,5ct per km + fuel costs. The association is responsible for the settlement; this takes place once every six months. Of course we assume that the vans are used wisely. Any traffic fines incurred are for the association itself. Because of the high demand for the vans, we ask you not to book the vans longer than necessary. Via DMS the vans can be reserved up to 1 month in advance. And for exceptional cases (see attached policy) the ESSF can be contacted to reserve the vans up to a maximum of 3 months in advance.

Subsidy Name
Transport Vans
Rent Fee
0,125 euro per km
Subsidy Issuer