1. Introduction 

This is the privacy policy of the Eindhoven Student Sports Federation, located at Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1, 5612AW Eindhoven, registered in the company register of the ‘Kamer van Koophandel’, labeled 40236439, further referred to as ‘ESSF’.

Personal information is shared with and processed by the ESSF. It is important to treat this information carefully and it is our legal obligation to make this privacy policy available to all those affected. This is in accordance with the Algemene Verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG) that was introduced in May 2018 to the Dutch law. 

2. Registered data

Why do we collect your data ?

Information of board members of Student Sports Associations (SSA’s) is stored for communication purposes (e.g. mail and phone number) and for the distribution of Board Grants. Data of the association is registered for organizational purposes (e.g. distribution of the transport vans). Furthermore, upon participating in events organised by the ESSF, data may be obtained and used for organisational purposes or promotional purposes (e.g. photographic material during an ESSF activity). Lastly, information of committee-members is stored to ensure that they can be contacted and to be able to properly take into account their contribution to the ESSF ‘emergency policy’ .

Different parties

The ESSF registers data from the following parties:

  • SSA’s 
  • Current board members of the SSA’s 
  • Members of committees of the ESSF
  • Individual athletes that sign up for ESSF activities 

The following sections will provide additional information as to what data is registered, how this data is obtained and for how long it is stored. 


Content of the registered data

All boards are asked to provide us with information on the events they plan to organize during the year. Information that is asked for is: a general description of the event, whether it is open to people outside the association as well and whether the ESSF is allowed to publish this event on the website. The information is used for organizational purposes only and will only be communicated to external parties if boards explicitly state that they agree to doing so. 

Apart from this data we ask the boards to provide, we have access to information that the boards are required to provide to the Student Sports Center (SSCE). Accessibility of information stored by the SSCE/our partners will be discussed in the fourth section. 

Lastly, we may ask the boards of the SSA’s  for financial data if they want to apply for one of our subsidies.We only ask for data that is necessary to complete the transaction and is required for our administration. This data consists of IBAN, name (of applicant/SSA) and a description of the event the SSA is requesting financial support for. 

Length of data storage

Events that were entered into the ESSF events calendar will remain there, to provide an overview of past events. If a sports association wishes to remove this data, they can delete it themselves at any moment they wish to do so.

The financial data that is used for subsidy applications is stored in our financial administration.  

Board members

Content of registered data

During the first meeting between the ESSF and the boards of the SSA’s, we request some personal information from the board members. This is on an opt-out basis. If you do not wish to provide us with this information, you can simply say so during this meeting. This information includes: name (first name and surname), phone number, email address and your (educational) institution. This information is requested for a number of purposes. First of all, we want to be able to contact you and your board when we have important information for your association specifically, or when we have general information for all associations that we want to share. Furthermore, we need to be able to reach you in case of an emergency. 

Which institution you are a student at is necessary information if you want to be able to apply for a board grant. 

Length of data storage

Personal information of board members will be kept as long as they are in function. This information is replaced by information of the new board upon the old board members finishing their board year. 

Individual athletes

Content of registered data

In general, we do not register data of individual athletes. However, the ESSF organizes multiple activities throughout the year in which individual athletes can participate. To subscribe for such an activity, we may ask you to disclose some personal details and thus store data: your name (first name and last name) and, in some cases, your phone number or email if we need to be able to contact you.   

Length of data storage

This data is used for organizational purposes in advance of and during the event only. Your information will be deleted if you request us to do so. Photographic and video materials taken during these activities are discussed in section 3. 

3. Photography and Video


During events of the ESSF, photographic and video materials may be taken of you and other participating members. This material could afterwards be published via the channels of the specific event. You agree to these terms upon subscribing for an ESSF event. 

Materials will be shared via previously mentioned channels on the basis of opt-out. Those who do not wish to have such material containing themselves shared, can communicate their opt-out to the ESSF board. 

Upon finishing an event, some of the obtained photographic and video materials might be used for promotional purposes for (future events of) the ESSF. Should this be the case and you wish to opt-out, you can communicate your wish to opt-out to the ESSF board and this data will be deleted. 

4. Third Parties/sharing of data

Data accessibility 

No data will be shared with third parties without a data protection agreement, which states the exact data that will be processed and how they protect the data. 

Data as used by the ESSF is stored in a Google cloud account. Data processing and storage using a Google cloud account is in accordance with the AVG. Details on this data storage can be found in their privacy and protection statement .

We cooperate closely with the SSCE and have, throughout the years, taken up some more organizational tasks (e.g. reservations of the transport vans) for which we make use of DMS. We thus have access to the information in DMS, but do not store this data ourselves. The SSCE provides more information on the content and storage of this data via their own privacy policy, which was drafted by the Eindhoven University of Technology. Furthermore, the usage of DMS by the SSCE is in accordance with the AVG. Access to DMS is strictly regulated and only used by members of the ESSF if necessary for the mentioned organizational tasks. 

5. Your rights

If you wish to opt-out from sharing certain data or have any questions or remarks regarding the privacy policy, please contact the ESSF board at: mail@essf.nl or at 040-2475738

Additionally, you have the right to examine your registered personal data, in order to add information or have it removed. Please make sure that you can identify yourself when you wish to do so.