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Everyone hopes an emergency will never occur. But there are no certainties. That is why the SSC has emergency procedures for associations who practice their sport at the SSC or on the TU/e campus. These procedures can be found below. For associations who don’t practice their sports at the SSC or on the TU/e campus, information can be found here.

When during one of your association activities at the SSC or on the TU/e campus, you are confronted with an emergency, there are several steps you have to follow. An emergency can be a serious injury, but also a fire alarm or other incident in the building. These are the steps to follow:

In case of an individual first aid incident

  • Don’t abandon the victim
  • Ask a bystander to walk to the front desk or personally call the SSC front desk: +3140-2473232 – if there is no reply or no-one present, call the TU/e emergency number: +3140-2472222 and then as soon as possible inform the front desk as well! The TU/e security will call 112!
  • If someone, for example a visitor, does call 112 directly, it is important that both TU/e security and SSC front desk are informed immediately.
  • Try to describe the situation as accurately as possible
  • Is the victim conscious or not?
  • Is the victim still breathing?
  • What is the (approximate) age of the victim?
  • If known, does the victim use medication?
  • Does the victim have any known ailments?

These are important indicators for correct aid:

  • The SSC front desk will have a emergency responder present as soon as possible
  • If necessary, the SSC front desk will contact emergency services
  • Coolpacks and ice for the victim can be acquired at the front desk, as well as other first aid materials such as band aids or a wheelchair
  • At the SSC, 2 AED’s are present; 1 at the front desk, 1 at the swimming pool. The golfcentre and rowingcentre each have their own AED

Emergencies in the building, for instance a fire alarm:

  • Always remain calm
  • Follow the instructions given through the pa system
  • In case of the Slow-Whoop sounding, which indicates a fire or serious emergency, leave the building using the designated escape routes. It is wise to make yourself familiar with the escape route designated for your sports location
  • Make sure your fellow association members also follow the given instructions

If you practice your sports outside the SSC and TU/e campus, take the following steps:

  • First of all ask the caretake of the facility you use, what the emergency procedures are. Familiarize yourself with these procedures in case of accidents or other emergencies
  • The SSC offers first responder courses for trainers outside of the SSC and TU/e campus. Ask your trainer(s) whether or not they are a qualified first responder
  • The SSC also offers first responder courses to some associations which are outside of the SSC and TU/e campus. Contact the ESSF for more information

Make sure as a board you familiarize yourself with the relevant procedures. Inform your members regarding these procedures. Also, when it is that time of year and your board changes, discuss the emergency procedures with the new board so they are also familiar with the procedures.

If you have additional questions regarding safety, contact Joyce Schonenburg ( from the SSC.

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