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Van Lint Student Sports Week

In December, we had a lot of fun with the very first Van Lint Crazy 88. We still cannot offer a regular van Lint week, but we do have another fun activity for you to participate in this spring.
Because this year’s theme is “Let’s rumble in the jungle”, we are venturing into the Eindhoven jungle for this spring edition of the (alternative) Van Lint week!
With your team, you will go on a geocaching hunt through Eindhoven's parks and playgrounds. There will be several routes put together all over the city’s greenery, where you need to use your knowledge about Eindhoven’s student sports culture to find your way to the next location.
We hope that you will join us on this adventure! You can subscribe your team of max. 4 people before the 15th of May below!

Van Lint Student Sports Week

Georganiseerd door ESSF

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven


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