LSSW Charity Event

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This year the van Lint Student sport week will once again support a charity! This year we will support the foundation Miles for Muscles. Miles for Muscles helps people with the muscle disease SMA. SMA is an hereditary disease which causes people to lose control over their muscles, including walking, swallowing and breathing. It also causes earlier death and leads to the highest death rate among babies between all genetic conditions.

Miles for muscles tries to improve the quality of life of people with SMA, and also tries to increase awareness of the disease. During the van Lint Students Sport Week we will organize an activity Wednesday to raise money for Miles for Muscles. We will organize a competition in which you can participate for 2 euros, which directly goes to Miles for Muscles.

In this competition you will try to hit other people of a surfboard using foam sticks, and the final winner of the event will win a dinner for 2 at the Javaans Eetcafé. Subscriptions are individual and go through a google docs form, which you can find here: