Student Wintersport

The ESSF also helps organize the national Student Wintersport. This is a ski- and snowboard vacation which was organized for the first time in 2002 for 66 people and was organized from Eindhvoen. At the moment it is organized by students from ten different studentcities, and over 1000 people can participate.

Student Wintersport

The Student Wintersport (or StuWi) is the largest student wintersport event of the Netherlands. Yearly hundreds of students travel with us to different wintersport areas to have an amazing week.

Are you a true wintersport lover, of have you always wanted to try skiing or snowboarding, then Student Wintersport really is the ideal event for your! Both the beginning and experienced sporter can find their place here.

Student Wintersport also offers lots of different activities, like exclusive parties, clinics, a beercantus, and things like the Crazy 88. Also the Dutch Student Championship takes place during the Student Wintersport, where everyone has the possibility to compete for their city!

Check the site,, for more information about when it is possible to subscribe and the exact costs.