Every year the largest relay race in the world takes place: The Batavierenrace. This is a student event, in which students from the whole country participate. There also is an university team from Eindhoven, which defends the honor of the best university city. The rest of the teams are formed by student associations or friends.


The route starts at the Universitair Sportcentrum Nijmegen, then goes through Germany and the Achterhoek to finish at the campus of the University Twente. The total running distance consists of approximately 185 kilometres and is divided in 25 stages( 17 men- and 8 woman stages). Every year over 8000 students participate, which gives the event a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Besides this it also is the largest student sport event in the Netherlands. This makes it a yearly recurring event with an unique character, a mix of sports and recreation!

There also is, besides the over 300 recreative teams, a seperate ranking for the university teams. In this ranking the best runners of all the Dutch university cities compete to determine which university can call itself the fastest for a year. Eindhoven usually finish high in this ranking, with even a victory in 2003! The time that year still is the second fastest time ever run by an universityteam!

Batavierenrace 2017

In 2017 the Batavierenrace will take place at april 29. The ESSF is once again looking for good runners, since we want to improve the results from 2015 and go for first! So if you think you’re healthy enough for the universityteam, notify the ESSF. This is possible by mailing, or by dropping by at our office.

The batacommitee also has his own website, with on that the latest news about the organisation of the TU/e-Fontys team.