During the entire year Dutch Student Championships, Nederlands studenten kampioenschappen (NSK’s) in Dutch) are organised all through the netherlands. Every student in Eindhoven can participate in these, and also every association is free to organise a NSK.

Participation NSK’s

If you own a student sportscard part of the subscription fee will be paid by the ESSF. For an overview of the upcoming NSK’s look at http://www.studentensport.nl.

Organizing NSK

Every studentsportassociation (SSA) in Eindhoven is allowed to ask for the right to organize a NSK. This has to be done by Studenten Sport Nederland (SSN) through the ESSF.

The ESSF wants as many NSK’s in Eindhoven as possible, so we try to stimulate associations to organize one. If you are thinking with your association about organizing a NSK, let us know! We can already answer several questions about the possibilities and problems around organizing a NSK.

If your association gets the right to organize the NSK from SSN (which is quite likely) you can start! SSN then also gives you the NSK-package (Medals, flags, etc).

If there are any questions about this, you can always contact the ESSF or walk into our office!

So, feeling like organizing a NSK, let us know!