CloudCat, an Eindhoven-based hosting company, offers a sponsor deal for all SSAs to allow them to host their websites, e-mail and online services. CloudCat's offers fit all types of websites, from small SSAs to SSAs with many applications and websites, or large events and they will support you, or your web committee.

To order webhosting, email or managed online services at CloudCat, please contact them through the website (in Dutch) or through

The following discounts will be automatically applied for all SSAs through this sponsorship:

  • When combining any Webhosting and E-mail services: 2 euro discount per month
  • When combining any Webhosting and Managed Workspace (Google Workspace for non profits) service: 2,50 euro discount per month
  • When combining any Webhosting, E-mail and Managed Workspace service: 4,50 euro discount per month.


You can find more information about this sponsorship on the CloudCat website:

Subsidy Name
CloudCat Webhosting
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Third party
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