Request Procedure

This subsidy is not offered by ESSF, but by a third party partner of ESSF. Take care to send your application to this third party, using the procedure indicated below.

Stehven is an initiative from the TU/e, Fontys and the municipality of Eindhoven. We are here to support Eindhoven's student life with knowledge, money, and an active network of students and professionals. So you can come to us if you are organizing an event for all students, or an event that promotes Eindhoven as a student city. These can also be smaller events or social initiatives. We have a broad network and a budget that allows us to support you in the organization and realization of such events. To get an idea what kind of events we support take a look at our portfolio on our website. For questions or if you have an idea for an event please contact us via A request for financial support for your event can always be made via the website. If you want to request subsidy, please provide us with a detailed plan for which you request subsidy and a budget.

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Subsidy by stEHVen
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Third party
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