Maarten Segers, from Schäfer Notarissen, has been helping the SSCE and the student sports associations with all notarial matters for the past 20 years. That is why we are proud to call Schäfer Notarissen an official partner of the ESSF.

Who is Schäfer Notarissen?

Schäfer Notarissen is a notary's office in Eindhoven and Nuenen that has been available for more than twenty years for all Eindhoven student sports associations. The good cooperation is apparent from the many positive reactions that have been received over the years.

Schäfer Notarissen distinguishes itself with the credo; modern, accessible, clear and informal. This makes Schäfer Notarissen an excellent partner for helping the student sports associations.

What does the partnership offer?

For the foundations that are affiliated with the ESSF we offer the following:

Option A: A discount on composing or changing the statues.

Option B: A sponsoring for an event from your association.

In both cases the amount will be discussed with Maarten. This is due to the varying difficulties of the tasks. Maarten is very accessible and open to all sorts of questions. Therefore, we would like to encourage you either mail or call him for a personalized deal.

Maarten can also help you with statutary changes regarding the new Dutch WBTR law, about which you can find more information under 'Attachments'.

Contact with Schaefer Notaries

Our contact person within Schäfer Notarissen is Maarten Segers.

Maarten has been helping the sports center for almost two decades and is very practical in helping sports related matters. He knows everything about notarial processes that play within sports associations. Think, for example, of starting an association or amending the statutes of association. In addition, there is also a low-threshold approach for questions about these themes. So do not hesitate to contact him! You can contact Maarten bij sending an email to or calling 040-2 660 660.

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