This subsidy can be used (but isn't limited to): 

The purchase of additional equipment/materials that improve the level of your SSA. Requests that benefit multiple SSAs are much more likely to be granted. Materials that are considered as (basic)training materials cannot be requested as they are already provided by the SSCE. 

Funding for (community)events. Events that are organised on a yearly basis only qualify if they are in the start-up phase (First year of said event being organized).

Events organized in collaboration with the ESSF. Subsidies for events that benefit the ESSF, Multiple SSA's or student sports in Eindhoven are more likely to be granted. 


  • A description of your initiative, why it needs funding and who would benefit from it.
  • Potential costs options with quotations.
  • Bank details (IBAN)
  • If this initiative is a collaboration between multiple SSA's, please add a list of all SSA's involved.

Request Procedure

To request this subsidy, please fill in the attached form and send it, along with the required documents, to or put it in our mailbox at the SSCE.

Subsidy Name
Initiatives Subsidy
Subsidy Amount
A total of €2500 is available per year
Subsidy Issuer