Educational Opportunities Subsidy

This Subsidy is used for the training of individual members into specific roles or the hiring of a guest trainer for a training. Please note that this subsidy can be used for a maximum of 5 training courses with an individual member partaking per year and that this subsidy cannot be used to cover the costs of basic first aid courses or trainings provided by the SSCE. This subsidy can't be requested to cover training costs of SSCE employee's. Examples include refereeing courses and the single time hiring of a guest trainer. 


  • A description of the activity that would function as the educational opportunity and how your (or multiple) SSA would benefit from it.
  • A list of members that would partake in the educational opportunity (in case this subsidy is used to hire a guest trainer a list of teams will suffice as well)
  • Bank account details (IBAN)
  • A budget of the opportunity, showing how the initiative is financed outside of ESSF subsidy

Request Procedure

The required documents are the form; a description of the initiative, discussing What it is requested for, Why it is requested and Who Benefits of the request (1 page A4); a budget of the initiative with assumptions mentioned (1 page A4); a list of the members partaking in the initiative (1 separate document); if applicable, a list of involved SSAs; and an invoice for the opportunity. To request this subsidy, please fill in the attached form and send it, along with the required documents, to

Subsidy Name
Educational Opportunities Subsidy
Subsidy Amount
€500 for a 3 year period
Subsidy Issuer