Currently, all associations are required, as part of the SSCE sponsor deal, to print a SSCE and ESSF logo on all shirts used for the following purposes:

  • Matches or tournaments where you represent your association;
  • Matches or tournaments where you represent your educational institute;
  • Public events where other sponsors are also included on your shirt.

Certain associations may be exempt from this rule, for instance if their sports bond does not allow logos on shirts. If this applies for your association, request an exemption at the ESSF.


  • An invoice/quotation for the clothing you purchased/would like to purchase
  • Bank account details (IBAN)

Request Procedure

This subsidy can be requested through the Clothing Subsidy Form, which can be found attached to this page or be requested at the ESSF Treasurer. This form need to be handed in with required attachments by emailing it to or by sending it to our mailbox at the SSCE.