Additional Transport Subsidy


  • Details of the transport used for the event, including an invoice/quotation.
  • A description of the reason why the use of this subsidy was necessary, as no other forms of transport (including the ESSC transport vans) were eligible.
  • Bank account details
  • This subsidy can only be requested once per year, although exceptions can be made by the ESSF board under special circumstances
  • This subsidy can only be requested for events of the following list: Official national championships and tournaments, such as an NSK. Official international championships and tournaments. National matches in competitions approved for this subsidy by the ESSF.

Request Procedure

This subsidy can be requested through the Additional Transport Subsidy Form, which can be found attached to this page. This form needs to be handed in with the required attachment, an invoice of the transportation, by emailing it to

Subsidy Name
Additional Transport Subsidy
Subsidy Amount
once per year up to €75
Subsidy Issuer