For participation in trainings and competitions a valid sports card is required!


Entering Rooms: Wait until the lesson is over!
It is not allowed to enter a room while another lesson is in progress, not even to warm up. You wait outside the room until the lesson is over. It goes without saying that a teacher/association must end a lesson on time and start cleaning up on time.

Trial training: day ticket

When a student without a sports card wants to participate in a practice of an association, this person has to register at the desk; name and date of birth are registered in DMS. The name of the user is noted on the receipt, which is given to the non-sporting card holder. When purchasing the sports card, the memo of this person will be removed.

  • When purchasing a sports card, the participant will receive the €5,- back upon return of the receipt.
  • Participation in Squash and Fitness is possible, but with Squash it is not possible to reserve courts in advance with a day ticket.

Until 1th of October
A non-sport cardholder can train once without obligation of buying a sports card until 31th of September. This is to promote an intro practice for new potential members at the beginning of the year among the SSAs. If somebody wants to train a second time, for example at another SSA, this person has to buy a dayticket. If someone wants to train more often, this person has to buy a sports card.

After 1th of October
From the 1th of October, a the person who wants to join the practice must immediately purchase a day ticket for €5,-. The SSAs can still organize an open training in the SSC Open Week; non-sport cardholders have to fill in a voucher at the information desk upon entry for this week.

Trainings Possibilities

The SSC and the ESSF want all sports to be accessible to every sports cardholder for a small fee. Because a training membership was very high in the past and to make participating in a SSA training uniform, a number of guidelines have been drawn up by the SSC and the ESSF. Below you can read some of these guidelines:

  • A sports card holder must be able to participate in at least 1 training session per week for a maximum of 30 euros, provided that the SSA has the capacity for such a training session. This gives every sports card holder the chance to participate in different sports for the same low price and provides more connection to the SSA where they are a guest.
  • During the Open Week, the SSA will have to make one of its training moments public for all sports cardholders (provided this is possible with the capacity of this SSA).

Of course, the SSA can still offer a full (training) membership, in which a sports card holder may participate in several training sessions and activities. In addition to the training memberships, one can also offer a competition membership, in which they can participate in the competitions of the sport in question.


If it is not possible to offer this for your SSA, you can request an exception from your association manager and the ESSF for a good reason. However, we think that this should be feasible for all SSAs, this only applies to very special cases.

All exceptions should be re-applied for each year before the start of the academic year, so that the ESSF and the SSC can assess in good time whether the exception is still applicable.

Cleaning up stuff/materials

Each club has to make sure that after the training all materials and stuff are put back in the right place. Furthermore, the sports hall/training field must be left in a clean and tidy condition.


If due to bad weather conditions the outdoor fields are unplayable, this can be read on the SSC website and social media of the SSC. In addition, the board and the teacher of the SSA in question will be informed. It is then important for the SSA to communicate this information to its own members.

Training times

Around April, each SSA will receive a request by email from the SSC to indicate for the new academic year which training times the SSA would like to have. If you do not respond to this request, the SSC will schedule training moments at the accommodation at its own discretion.

Assistent trainers

If a head coach would like assistance from an assistant trainer, this may be possible in consultation with the SSC. The board will then look into the possibilities together with the head coach and his association manager. Where the SSC considers assistance necessary, a sports card for the assistant coach can be reimbursed by the SSC.


For more information about sports technical matters you can contact Ramses Rongen: For more information about the schedules you can contact Peter Geurts:

Exercise matches

In principle, it is not possible to play practice matches during the lesson programme. If your club wants to play a practice match on a training evening, this must be requested in advance. It is important that our desk staff is aware of the presence of non-sport cardholders on and around the SSC.


To apply for a practice competition you can send an email to Peter Geurts:


Necessary material for training is facilitated by the SSC. The request for new materials should be made by the teacher at the SSC (Peter Geurts, If there is no instructor attached to the lesson(s), the board of the SSA in question may submit an application.

Holiday periods

The timetable of the SSC runs parallel to the TU/e academic year. The SSC is only closed between Christmas and New Year. During the summer period, the SSC is simply open, so there is the possibility for SSAs to continue training during this summer period (if facilities are available), but will have to discuss this with the SSC and their trainers if desired.


It is very important to submit the competition schedules as soon as possible to Peter Geurts ( The SSC has to take into account multiple clubs and multiple SSAs, which can be quite a puzzle. SSAs that are too late will come in 2nd place and will have to adapt to the available space.


Should a match not go ahead due to weather conditions or the opponent's failure to show up, we would like to hear this from you as soon as possible. We would also like to hear any changes in the competition schedule as soon as possible. This way we can make the accommodation available to others.


For matters concerning the competition program, please contact Peter Geurts: 

This information is provided in collaboration with the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven.

For more information contact us, or the SSCE contact below:

Peter Geurts