The SSC is as a sports facility primarily available to students. Within this policy, the flow of new students is very important for the survival of a SSA. In order to ensure this flow, it is important that the SSA continues to consist mainly out of students

Therefore, in order to be a member of a SSA, a person must have a sports card marked as a "student sports card". All persons of a SSA who use the facilities of the SSC (materials, accommodation, structure of the SSC, trainers, etc.) must have this type of sports card. The SSC expects the SSA to have a transparent membership administration that is always up to date in DMS. This also applies for the board of the SSA.

All Student Sports Cards are listed below. Other cards sold by the SSCE do not count as a student sports card. Holders of non-student sports cards can attend your training once (like a day card), but cannot become members of your association or attend regular training.

You can find all details on this policy in the attached document.

Note: All student sport card holders are also allowed to attend 1 training a week at your SSA for at most 30 euros per year without becoming a member or attending any other activities. You can find more information about this here. There are no more restrictions on your maximal contribution cost for non-competition members.

Allowed Sports Cards ('Student Sports Cards')

  • TU/e, Fontys and Other (University/Hogeschool) Student - 1 year card
  • TU/e, Fontys and Other (University/Hogeschool) Student - 6 months card
  • TU/e or Other University PhD/PDEng Students - 1 year card
  • TU/e or Other University PhD/PDEng Students - 6 months card
  • "Uitloopregeling" Sports Card (previously: 5-year rule card)
  • "Fontys Uitloop" Card

Note that TU/e Alumni can obtain a normal TU/e Student Card within the first year of their graduation. You can find more information about this on the SSCE website. Alumni after their first year cannot be members of your SSA or attend training.

Non-Students in your SSA ('Uitloopregeling')

The presence of non-students in a SSA is supported by the SSC, but also immediately limited. All members present at training moments, or when SSC accomodation is used, have to have an approved sports card. You can find a list of all approved sports cards above, or in the attached document.

If you want to keep members that aren't students anymore, there is a possibility for a board to apply for an arrangement in exceptional cases. In this way graduates can, under certain conditions, remain members for a maximum of 5 years and thus transfer their expertise to the new student members. Of course, this is not just about transferring expertise. Members can also stay for safety reasons or to complement a team. This arrangement is called the "Uitloopregeling", or was previously known as the 5-year rule.

The member can then stay a member of the SSA and buy a card at the cost of 195 euro's (accurate price info provided by the SSCE). The board has to apply for this arrangement before September 1st of each year. The following conditions apply:

  • The person for which the arrangement is requested has to already be a member of your SSA.
  • The person has a special value for your SSA, such as safety or knowledge related. Your SSCE association manager will decide on your reasoning.
  • The arrangement should be treated as an exception, not as a rule, and for a maximum of 5 years (requested each year). Therefore, your SSCE association manager may deny your request.

If you want to request this arrangement, send an email to your SSCE association manager with the following info before September 1st:

  • Name and Sports Card Number (from DMS) of the person in question
  • Year of finishing their study
  • Reasoning for your request, regarding the conditions above.

Registering your members in DMS

See the attached document on the use of DMS, or contact Tjeerd Thomassen for more information.

This information is provided in collaboration with the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven.

For more information contact us, or the SSCE contact below:

Ramses Rongen