Promote your association

Attracting new members is vital for every SSA. It is therefore important to have your PR in order. The SSC and the ESSF can help with this in a number of ways.

You can promote (activities of your) association in different ways within the SSC and the ESSF:

  • Social media SSC/ESSF
  • Information screens on the SSC, TU/e and Hubble Community Café
  • Pinboards SSC
  • Website SSC/ESSF
  • Infomail

You can also put all your events and activities on the ESSF events calendar so that they are visible on the ESSF website.


For promo in the SSC you can send the info by mail to Raymond Starke and for the ESSF you can send the info to The landscape format (16:9) is best for images on the screens. Please provide texts in both English and Dutch.

You can also run promo on the info screens of the TU/e and Hubble Community Café. In the attached documents can be read how to request this.

Participation in promotional activities

It is very important that associations actively participate in SSC/ESSF broad promotional activities, such as the TU/e and Fontys introweek.

SSC/ESSF logo on website and competition clothing

Associations should place the SSC and ESSF logo with a link to the SSC and ESSF website on their website. Furthermore, the logos should be printed on competition-oriented shirts and on shirts that normally also feature other sponsors unless you have received an exception from the SSC and the ESSF. The logo in the correct format can be requested from Raymond Starke or the ESSF

This information is provided in collaboration with the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven.

For more information contact us, or the SSCE contact below:

Ramses Rongen