Bookings at the SSC

Tournaments and Events

The SSC expects SSAs to organise their tournaments at the SSC. The SSC can provide favourable conditions for room/field rental and the Sports Bar. If it is necessary to locate your event elsewhere, please consult with the SSC (not applicable when it's your normal accomodation). When the tournament takes place on the accommodation, it is not allowed to arrange your own food and drinks (with the exception of breakfast and dinner). To make appointments for food and drinks during the tournament, please contact Laurens Eliens:

Early planning of tournaments is essential to avoid overlap with other activities. Preferably, indicate when larger tournaments are taking place a year beforehand. If you would like to book accommodation for an event/tournament, you can do so via the SSC General Manager, Peter Geurts, or through the general facilities request that you will receive in April, one year in advance. Note that once per academic year you can apply for a 'free' event, which means that you do not have to pay rent for the used facilities for this event. Sports card holders are not meant to reserve facilities for club activities, e.g. booking sports halls under their own name for a tournament.

In case of overnight stays, there are costs involved. Additionally, overnight stays require the SSC to arrange a FAFS-er, €150,- per night, which has to be paid for by the SSA. A SSA does not have the possibility to appoint its own FAFS person to cover these costs. This to guarantee the quality of the night guard/FAFS-er.

Meeting Rooms

Reservations for the meeting room (e.g. for a GMM) can be made by sports cardholders can be requested through Peter Geurts. His email adress is

General Reservation Policy

Keys to cupboards, lighting or other items will only be provided against deposit of a valid sports card. They will also only be given to teachers or sports card holders of the association who are known at the SSC information desk. To this end, a club must provide the names at the desk.

You should also notify the SSCE Information Desk if any plans change regarding your reservation or keys:

Sports Bar

Opening hours and House Rules of the Sports Bar can be found on the SSC website. For questions/suggestions about the Sports Bar, please contact the Horeca Team Leader, Laurens Eliens:

This information is provided in collaboration with the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven.

For more information contact us, or the SSCE contact below:

Peter Geurts