• Batavierenrace Committee

    The batavierenrace committee is there to organise the selection and logistics for the Eindhoven team of the batavierenrace, the world largest relay run, held from Nijmegen to Enschede every year.

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  • KCC (Treasury Audit Committee)

    The KCC checks the books of the ESSF, supports the treasurer of the ESSF when they are in doubt and advises the general members meeting on wether to accept the closure of the accounts at the end of the financial year.

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    Committee Members

    • Jordi Klarenbeek
    • Joris van der Zwaluw
    • Nils Hultermans
  • RvA (Advisory Council)

    The advisory board of the ESSF advises the ESSF board on anything they ask advise about. For instance about new policy or plans but also on recurring issues or anything else you can think about, like what to get for dinner.

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    Committee Members

    • Anne Matena
    • Birgit van der Stigtel
    • Christiaan Goossens
    • Dorrith Verstegen
    • Imke van der Schoor
    • Jeroen Vos
    • Ludo Kluver
    • Margot Passier
    • Ruben Kwant
  • Sports Gala Committee

    The sports gala committee organises the sports gala every year in October or November. During the sports gala the best student athletes of Eindhoven are celebrated during an amazing gala.

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    Committee Members

  • Van Lint Student Sports Week Committee

    The van Lint student sports week committee organises the van Lint students sport week (LSSW) every year during the last week before christmas. The LSSW is a week filled with all kind of interesting sports, beer, parties and loads of fun.

    Committee Email Address
    Committee Members

    • Chaneequa Kocken
    • Evelien van Eekelen
    • Randor Bongers
    • Femke Storm
    • Quinty Peters
    • Margot Passier
    • Jasper Bijlsma