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Conscribo workshop

This is not a public event. Read the terms below for more information on entry requirements.

This workshop is on how to be a treasurer and how to use the Conscribo software for financial and member administration (so it is also useful for your secretary). It is intended for the board members of 2021-2022, especially for the treasurer and secretary. You can also join the workshop if you do not plan on using conscribo but do keep in mind that everything will be explained using the conscribo software. Please inform your candidate board members about the workshop because it is most likely that they will benefit the most from this workshop.
The workshop takes place in the Tennispaviljoen next to the SSCE tennis courts. You are welcome starting from 19:15. The workshop starts at 19:30 and takes approximately 1,5 hours. The bar of the Tennispaviljoen is not open during the workshop.
Please subscribe through the following link if you would like to attend:

Conscribo workshop

Organized by ESSF

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