Confidentiality Contact Points

On this page you can find the Confidentiality Contact Points of the ESSF.

You can approach a Confidentiality Contact Point for confidential issues such as bullying, sexual intimidation, discrimination, aggressive behaviour or other unwanted behaviour as written in the Code of Conduct. The Confidentiality Contact Point on this page can be approached by all sports card holders of the SSCE. The Confidentiality Contact Point is not trained to solve your issues, but they can offer a listening ear and they can refer you to the right place.

Communication with the confidential contact person will be confidential, so there is no need to be afraid of any sudden consequences (very special cases, excluded). Any actions taken from a meeting with the confidential contact person will be discussed first.

If you are ever in doubt about whether or not to contact us, please let us know! We are always willing to find time to talk with you about something that might be bothering you (or to just have a nice conversation).

The current Confidentiality Contact Points are:

Pim van Leeuwen  
Phone nr. +31 6 40314985